• Children see building a tall tower.

    We see children learning to work together.

  • Children see a corner to hide out in.

    We see communication-friendly spaces.

  • Children see something new to explore.

    We see the development of fine motor skills for future writing.

  • Children see a mud pie party.

    We see the development of creativity and social skills.

  • Children see seeds growing in our garden.

    We see children learning to make healthy food choices.


An Inspirational Approach

Across our Day Nurseries, our progressive, highly qualified practitioners and teachers are committed to offering children stimulating learning opportunities following the Early Years Foundation Stage which engages each individual child.

Protecting Wellbeing

We promote a healthy lifestyle in a safe, secure environment. Each Nursery has a large purpose-built outdoor play space as well as award-winning indoor learning environments. Nutritionally balanced by a dietitian, our award-winning meals are cooked freshly on site every day. We teach children the skills they need to regulate their own behaviour and to assess risk for themselves.

Exceptional Quality

Our multi award-winning, reflective practice is delivered by knowledgeable and experienced practitioners. Continual investment, external quality assurance and ongoing development, along with our partnerships with parents, schools and the community, ensures we give each child a strong foundation for future learning.

A Nurturing Experience

Each child is supported and valued. We respect differences, encouraging and enabling each unique child to reach their full potential in a welcoming, happy environment.

15th January 2021


Research has shown that spending time bare-foot can have many benefits for children including stimulating the senses and improving posture, muscle strength and balance.

Our yoga and mindfulness sessions promote this, and allow the children to develop and maintain focus, attention and emotional intelligence.

5th January 2021

World Braille Day

The children were using their hands to guess what objects they could find to celebrate World Braille Day.

Braille is a tactile representation of alphabetic and numerical symbols.

It is used by blind and partially sighted people to read the same books as those printed in a visual font.


8th January 2021

Process Art

A blanket of fluffy white snow created the perfect canvas for our curious children to explore some process art today. We all watched in awe as the coloured water splattered across the snow, creating a delightful masterpiece.

Upon closer investigation the children noticed the water droplets had created holes in the snow leading to a discussion around freezing and melting.

14th January 2021

Forest School

Pre-school had a fabulous time at their first Forest School session. They walked into the woods and talked about the forest and the ‘forest boundaries’.

They  then looked at the different birds they could see and made a nest and bird feeders.

The session was ended with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

One of the children commented that the session was ‘amazing!’


18th January 2021

Artist Of The Week

Following on from our first Forest school session last week, children were given a variety of natural resources to explore and create something that they saw in the woodland area.

One of our Poppies children created a nest for Robbie the Robin so he can be warm and cosy in the trees.

6th January 2021

Welcome Back

We have been delighted to see the children this week. They have shared lots of lovely stories about their Christmas and fun that they have had in the snow.

The children have also enjoyed showing one another all the pictures that parents have shared on Tapestry.

We are excited to start the New Year with much to look forward to. For example, Forest School, Australia Day and Burns night are all coming soon.



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