Parents are very welcome to visit Broussa, Elmscot (Altrincham), Hale, Woodlands, Elmscot (Nantwich) and Elmscot (Chester) at any time when considering registering their child with us. It may help, before you visit one of our Nurseries or any other, to read our Nursery Checklist, which aims to help you choose the Nursery right for you. We prefer to arrange visits by appointment so staff can give parents as much time as needed to ensure that they are happy with the team and facilities and are not prevented from undertaking their pre-arranged activities due to unplanned visits. This also allows us to better safeguard the children in our care, rather than allow casual access. Please contact us by telephone to arrange a visit.


Places are in demand at all Elmscot Group Nurseries, with parents booking several months ahead, although sessional/part-time places are sometimes available. All enquiries are welcome and we recommend parents to please contact us to discuss availability before registering their child. Once we have established that we have a place available, parents may register by completing the Registration Form in the Parent Handbook. Please return the forms to your chosen Nursery and enclose the deposit (50% of monthly fees or £150, whichever is the greater), which is non-refundable in the event of cancellation, but is deductible from your final month’s fee before your child starts school.


Broussa, Elmscot (Altrincham), Hale, Woodlands, Elmscot (Nantwich) and Elmscot (Chester) offer a premium childcare service funded entirely by parental fees. We are also fully committed to ensuring affordable childcare. We aim to maximise access to all families by accepting most Childcare Vouchers available. The Nursery Education Grant (NEG) is available at each nursery to children, beginning the term following their third birthday. The NEG is also available to some two year-olds (contact Trafford Council for more information about this). Further information about Childcare Vouchers, current fees, terms and conditions can be provided by contacting us directly.
There are different types of financial support you may be able to receive to help you with the costs of your childcare and the type of help you can receive will depend on your individual circumstances. A proportion of fees may be reclaimable through Working Tax Credits. More information can be found from:
Daycare Trust Information Line
[email protected]

Tax Credit Helpline
0845 300 3900

Tax Credit Calculator use the HMRC online calculator to see how much help you may be able to claim from tax credits.

Settling In

Parents are encouraged to visit nursery with their child in the two weeks before they are due to start, to get to know the team, environment and routine. During this settling-in time, your child’s key worker will find out more about your child’s routines, likes and dislikes and parents will also receive our Welcome Pack. Depending on your child, this settling-in period may be shortened or need to be longer with the number of visits more frequent. Once a child begins to show signs of settling in, parents are encouraged to leave them for short periods of time. We are happy to video a child’s progress on request so parents can see how they get on without them. There is no charge for settling in sessions.