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Elmscot Day Nursery – Dylan Hather

We’re delighted with Dylan’s progress and look forward to him developing further at school. Dylan will miss the friends he made, he has built close relationships.

We’re sure he’ll find new adventures and friendships and look forward to this new and exciting time ahead.

Elmscot Day Nursery – Georgia Bridge

We are pleased with the progress Georgia has made whilst being in the Oak Room, she loves going to nursery and often runs to the room as she is so excited to start her day.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed to Georgia’s progress.

Elmscot Day Nursery – Sophia Borg-Bartolo

Thanks so much for all you are doing in for Sophia in Oak Room, we feel she is really flourishing and becoming increasingly independent.

Dylan Heaton’s Mum & Dad – Elmscot Day Nursery

We are so pleased with the progress Seth has made this year. He loves his time in Oak room and is very enthusiastic about the extra sessions (Stretch’n’Grow/Forest School/Mr Ross) that you plan and facilitate. We feel that all the work you have done has prepared him fully for school, which was compounded by the fact that he ran in freely and excitedly to his ‘taster’ sessions this week. We really are very grateful for this.

Seth will miss you all, as will we!

Thanks again for everything

Darryl & Gill

Maxine Hill – Hale Day Nursery

Please pass on my sincerest thanks to all of the staff at Hale who have taken such fantastic care of Anya over the years and helped to shape the happy, confident girl she has become. Rich and I really  are so very, very grateful.

Lynch Family Woodlands Day Nursery

Thank you very much for the great care you have given to Sam over the last 16 months. We appreciate the time and effort you have given to assist his development and we’re sure he will miss you.

Lizzie & James Meadowcroft – Hale Day Nursery

Thank you so much for making William’s pre-school experience in Owls such a special and memorable one. William has enjoyed every minute of it.

It’s amazing as parents to look back at the 13 month old William that started at Hale Day Nursery and see how much he’s grown. Everyone at Hale has contributed to this and we will not forget you – we’ll be back soon with #2.

Thank you for making us feel part of the Hale family!

Byrne Family Woodlands Day Nursery

Leo has had such a lovely time in your care and we will really miss bringing him here. He has made such good friends with the children and close bonds with the staff we cant thank you enough for how happy we are with the care he has received.
After our eldest went through a different nursery system, we were skeptical about how good a private nursery really could be, but you have excelled our expectations. We always feel like Leos best interest are always taken into consideration and this is why he has enjoyed this time with you so much. Thank You!

Evans Family – Woodlands Day Nursery

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our little boy. He has really grown and developed as a little person whilst being in the Hedgehog Room. We will miss you.

Demetri & Milly Stephani – Elmscot Day Nursery


I just wanted to email you and tell you how impressed Demetri and I were with Lucas’ parents evening last night. Jenny was extremely thorough, helpful and polite. Our appointment was much longer than expected however Jenny was genuinely happy to stay and give more of her time, to ensure that we had been given all the information about Lucas’ achievements. We feel that Lucas has flourished working under Jenny’s wing and also the rest of the team. We are looking forward to another great year once he moves to Oak.

Mum and Dad to Lucas


Nia Moorhouse – Elmscot Day Nursery

Could I take this opportunity to thank everyone at Elmscot for your hard work, support for our whole family – not just the children – and your dedication. I really will miss being part of the Elmscot family which has treated us so well over the last six years.

Nel and Nansi’s Mum

Elmscot Day Nursery

Joanne Whitwell- Maisie and Lauries Mum

I  wanted to say a huge thank you for making the girls so welcome over the years. you really do run a fantastic nursery which is head and shoulders above all others I have ever seen. Your whole team are amazing and we are sorry to leave but it is the next step now at the school nursery.


Hale Day Nursery

“Firstly, me and my wife  would like to say a big thank you to your team. We are very pleased about how well our son settled in the nursery, he simply adores the nursery. We would like to thank all members of the staff and his key worker Leah as well especially for making this possible.

Me and my wife are both doctors working in public service and currently under severe pressure due to increased demand as you may have gathered from press recently. Hence a great child care is very important for us to make our job doable, your expertise with him has helped us make this possible.

I once again like to thank all your staff for your excellent care offered”

(Dr Bala Rajashanker – Hale Day Nursery 3.7.17)


Abi Olowookere – Hale Day Nursery

“ I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big “Thank You” to all the staff that have been involved in her education since she arrived last September. She has grown immensely! Thank you all so very much for all the hard work. She will definitely miss you all.”


Simon – Hale Day Nursery

“Your staff have been absolutely fantastic to Nell and we can’t commend you enough for your efforts in taking care of her from when she started in rabbits to now. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for Nell.”



Helen – Daughter Georgia in Oak Room at Elmscot Day Nursery

Georgia has had a fantastic experience at Elmscot. She has enjoyed every  minute and will miss all the staff. She has progressed  hugely both socially and academically and this is down to  the amazing Elmscot team.

We would recommend Elmscot 100% to any parent . All staff are so  professional and caring.

Thank you to everybody that has contributed to Georgia ‘s  development.

Natalie Hasford

Declan has recently moved into the Hedgehog room at Woodlands and I cannot express my delight with his progress so far. He settled in really well and all the staff are absolutely fantastic! If only you could see him on Tuesday and Wednesday before we set off to nursery, he is eager to get there. Thank you all so much once again for helping him settle in and with his development.

Gill Heaton

We are delighted with the progress Seth has made over the last 12 months. He has become a lot more communicative and enjoys telling us all about his day and with encouragement he is able to provide lots of details. Recently he has appears to be building good friendships both in nursery and outside- this is wonderful to see. We are more than pleased with the support he receives from everyone at Elmscot. Thank you.

Claire and Ash Court

To all the wonderful staff at Elmscot Nursery!

Thank you for caring for Bess and Lucas over the past 6 years. Claire, Katie, Hanna, Fehmida, Ami, Danielle, Jade, Kerry, Jean and Mrs Homersham to name a few! We’re very grateful for all your hard work and care. It is the fantastic staff and their hard work that make Elmscot the nursery that it is! Lucas will miss everyone in Oak room, but because of his time here he’s very well prepared for big school.

Thanks again,

Claire, Ash, Bess and Lucas Court x

Susie Pelly 22 September, 2016

Dear Rachel,

As I mentioned just before we left Broussa I wanted to send an email to say a big thank you to you and all the staff for looking after Nancy for the past year. She has grown in confidence steadily and was really happy there.

I wanted to give a special mention to Sarah Mairs who was Nancy’s key worker. Sarah has been absolutely brilliant for Nancy and we will really miss her.

Thank you for everything,

Susie, Steve and Nancy Pelly

Catherine Garner 08 September, 2016

I have to confess i am a member of staff but i am also a parent so i was in a very fortunate position when i had Alfie as I knew exactly where my boy would be going when my mat leave ended, I already knew the lovely ladies (past and present) who would be taking care of my pride and joy who have a real passion for their jobs. I knew about the lovely activities and experiences that Alfie would have access to daily and the lovely food he’d be enjoying. So from a very proud member of staff and a very thankful, emotional, happy mummy Thank you Elmscot ltd (woodlands) for taking such good care of my little man xxx

Natalie Hasford 08 September, 2016

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Francesca and all the team in the Rabbit room at Woodlands.

Declan has had a lovely first week, I am over the moon with his progress already, exploring and taking part in activities I never thought he would. Thank you again and I cannot wait for him to spend more time with you all over the next few years.

Rouba Bunker 08 September, 2016

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Catherine and Francesca for making Samira’s first week at nursery as enjoyable as can be. She is having a hard time settling in but every day she seems to be making progress and enjoying her days more and more.

Both Catherine and Francesca have been really wonderful with Samira and all the team in the rabbits room too.

Jaclyn Harvey 18 August, 2016

Dear Everyone at Hale Day Nursery

It crossed my mind a few days ago that I have never really expressed my gratitude to you over the last 3 years and it made me quite sad. I’m sure I was quick to send emails or comment if I had a problem with anything but I’ve never really taken the time to thank you for all the positive things.

As Cayden is going to school in a few weeks I’ve found myself a bit teary at times thinking of how he has grown and the independent person he has become. Of course I would be upset, he is taking on a new challenge, he is growing and the time has just flown by. I realised today that this isn’t the only reason I find myself fighting back tears on a daily basis. I’ve realised that I’m also incredibly saddened that he won’t be coming to nursery each day. A place that has kept him safe and nurtured his personality over the past 3 years. You’ve been involved in many milestones in his life already such as becoming a Brother and losing a Grandparent. And every step of the way you have all been there with him guiding him (and us!) through.

When we were choosing a nursery for Cayden back in 2012 I had a lovely feeling about Hale day nursery and now having experienced it, I feel like I couldn’t have chosen a better setting for his early years. Both us and Cayden have been extremely happy with the key workers he has been assigned through his time there and we have made some excellent relationships with all of the girls. I feel that I am incredibly lucky that I get to continue the relationship with you through Aaron.

So I would like you to know what a wonderful nursery you really are. Your staff go above and beyond what is required of them and I am very proud of the person that my Son has become. You have played a massive part in his life and I’m very sad that he won’t be coming to you every day!

Many thanks

Jaclyn Harvey

Danielle Greenhalgh, 08 August, 2016

what more can I say…. Amazing!!!

My little boy is so happy at Woodlands and he does things here that he would never do at home. He loves messy play, Jittabugs and ALL the team.

The girls here are wonderful and thoughtful with the little touches such as Fathers day gift etc, making the nursery so special.

Thank you all for making my little boy so happy and helping with his development.

Amanda Diep, 26 July, 2016

Thank you for Aden’s learning journey. I have just looked through this at home and it’s fantastic to see how much he has progressed during his time at this nursery since November. I have really enjoyed looking at the observational photos too and seeing all the helpful comments from his carers.

Laura and Glen Drinkwater

I would like to thank all the staff at Woodlands for the excellent care that they have provided for Jacob, he is turning into such a lovely little boy and I know the input of the teams in both Rabbits and Hedgehogs has helped with this. It is so important to be happy leaving your child with people and I was always 100% confident in the care that he was being given. The atmosphere of the nursery has always felt like a family one. I would also express thanks for the flexibility offered when we had Eleanor, I think the consistency he got through his extra days at nursery made what could have been a very difficult time for him much easier.

Lizzie Meadowcroft

I just wanted to say to you how happy we have been with the Rabbit room and the staff at. Leaving William at nursery and going back to work wasn’t easy, but seeing how much William has progressed, everything he has learnt and all the fun activities he gets to take part in, I know it was the right decision. The team in the Rabbit room are very friendly, understanding and always available for a chat which I appreciate. I love learning about Williams day and receiving photos and artwork at the end of my day.

John and Jen Harding

To ALL the team at Woodlands,
So…. here it is, Daniel’s last session in Pre-school. It is really difficult to express how deeply grateful John and I are for all the love, care and joy you have all invested in our little boy. We are not exaggerating when we tell you how happy he has been in your nursery and sad he will be not to see you all on a regular basis. We have been so impressed in every member of your team. You are probably unaware how welcoming you all make us feel and that’s testament to your professionalism and warm nature.
Frances and Jo – you are such lovely people and Daniel will miss you so much! Thank you for everything you have done for him. I don’t like singling people out because I understand the whole team ethos you value but you two have been with us from day 1 and I just needed to give you a special mention! (and Miriam… and Kelly… and Becky!!! too many nice people!)
Best wishes and lots of love,
John, Jen, Daniel and Louisa Harding

Jim Boyer & Heather Dentith

Thank you so much for looking after our little monster for the past four years. we can’t begin to explain how grateful we are for the job you have done and the effort you’ve put in. Many Thanks

Shelly Gosling

I can’t believe the time has come to say goodbye to Elmscot. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express our gratitude for everything you have done for our family. You’ve provided education, creativity fun and a whole lot more, all wrapped up in more love and care than I had ever believed i could expect. before I visited Elmscot I could never have expected such brilliant people to provide such a caring, secure and varied home from home and I feel so lucky to have found you. Harry & Emma have loved their time with you and have no idea how fortunate they were to have you looking after them so well, of course I realised very early on! We are going to miss you.

Amy & Jonathan Peacock

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Ella. She has really enjoyed being at Elmscot and has blossomed with your care.

Fauzia & Saj Ahmed

To the Hale team!
I would just like to say a big thank you to all the staff in the squirrel room, especially to Zoe, for looking after Ayah and Nisa. Our girls really enjoy nursery and they have settled in well! All thanks to the warm and friendly environment. They are now in the badgers room and they absolutely love it there to … Thanks to Amanda and Sue! We are so glad we chose Hale day nursery!

Duncan Gregory

I would also like to let you know how appreciative we are of the care that has been provided while Ellie has been at Hale Day Nursery. The staff have been absolutely fantastic, kind and welcoming throughout every room that she has been in. This in turn creates a superb and fun environment that Ellie has absolutely loved being a part of.

Jane Holford

Thomas has had an amazing time in the Squirrels room at Woodlands. Jess and Marina have done such a great job and Thomas really looked forward to going to nursery. He seemed to come along in such a short space of time. Thank you for looking after him so well.

Hollie Walters

I would just like to take the time to say how happy we are with Hale Day nursery! Although we don’t live near by, my little girl adores coming to her Owls room, the girls are fantastic & Rubie thoroughly enjoys every minute! I researched & visited MANY other nurseries before choosing Hale Day nursery, it simply shone out above & beyond its competitors. The journey is worth the while just to see her face light up when she arrives.

Sally Al-Bachari

My son Laith attends Woodlands and having read his progress report it is so lovely to hear how well he is getting on at nursery. We knew within the first couple of weeks that moving to Woodlands was the right decision for Laith – he is so much happier and speaks so positively of nursery; he gets excited when he hears it’s a nursery day! He is flourishing with you all – thank you!

Laura Higgins

Can I take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you and all of your staff; it’s a wonderful nursery and Eva has absolutely thrived here and loves coming each week. She has formed excellent relationships with the children and staff, particularly Francesca and Chloe. Eva has loved everything she’s done. We are really sorry to be leaving both Hale Day Nursery. We wish you all well and hope the nursery continues to go from strength to strength as I’m sure it will.


Well, to be honest, I don’t have enough words to thank the girls at Woodlands for turning my little boy Aryan into such a confident human being! He started his journey at the nursery in squirrels room in Sept 2013 and there has been no looking back since. Ania & Marina were superb to help him settle him down and must say he wasn’t an easy case to handle. I remember him sitting in one small chair for one full month when he started but Ania & Marina worked a lot in making him comfortable. Once Ania left and Jessica moved in, she was equally fabulous and I saw a visible growth in Aryan’s confidence since she started. Then at pre-school Jo had been a superstar in working on Aryan’s strengths & weaknesses. Ivana had been so fabulous in accommodating my last minute requests that it made our life, as both working parents, so much easier. Forest school sessions were just fabulous to make Aryan confident in a new environment and setup. He used to first panic to go anywhere near the water in the beach and now no one can stop him from wandering around any possible where ! Lastly, not to miss the healthy & delicious food they serve at Woodlands, turned my fussy boy into a great eater. Just feeling a bit nostalgic about Aryan moving to the big school in Sept, wish woodlands had primary school set up too ! Aryan and his parents absolutely loved every single day being with Woodlands and will immensely miss every single one of you 🙂 Wishing the team all the best for future!

Hanna Olson Gibb

I want to take this opportunity to say a big ‘Thank You’ for being such a fantastic nursery! Gabriel has really enjoyed his time at Hale Day nursery and we, as parents, have had full confidence and trust for all staff and key people Gabriel has had over the past 2 years. He has learned so much and we are so happy for his time with you.

Michelle Haigh

I know Joseph will miss the staff at Elmscot, he has developed a lovely bond with all his carers and I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has cared for Joseph, especially his Key Person.
I have been really impressed with the care shown towards Joseph and momentous moments for us such as Joseph being weaned and starting to walk, have all been achieved whilst at nursery, and full credit must go to the staff for helping Joseph with that. Both of my children have thrived during their time at Elmscot and we will all have very happy memories of their time spent at Elmscot.


Thank you very much for taking such good care of Thomas at Woodlands. He really enjoyed his time there and as parents we knew that he was in excellent hand so we didn’t have to worry. The time he has spent at nursery has set him up really well for the school nursery. Thank you.

Claire Court

Choosing between a private nursery or a school nursery can be a difficult decision. For us it was a much easier decision as we’d already experienced life in ‘Oak room’ with our eldest child, who had an fantastic experience.

The staff:child ratio in Oak room is excellent and this really makes a difference. The children moving into this room are only 3 and still require lots of care and attention as well as the occasional cuddle!

The children are also really well prepared for ‘big school’ as, as well as following the Early Years Foundation Stage with Mrs Homersham and the team, there are regular ‘school uniform’ days where the children are encouraged to show off their new uniforms, practice dressing independently and have chats about school life.

The location of Oak room is another plus, as it has a real classroom feel about it, which makes the children feel very grown up.

All in all, our child has made a lovely group of friends at nursery and was so settled that we felt that we wanted him to have one last year in an environment that he really loves; after all he’s going to be at school for a very long time to come!

Lyndsey Cochrane

Can I say how much Annabelle loves nursery (or ‘Broussa’ as she corrects everyone!), she seems particularly taken with Emma and Vicky. But a huge thank you to everyone for looking after her and making her time there so enjoyable!

Esy Williams

We’re really pleased with Owain’s progress. He has a real enthusiasm for learning new things which must come from the way Elmscot introduces new concepts. Forest School has certainly increased his confidence and he now loves going for walks with us.

Sarah Nunn

Emilia has shown a massive improvement in all areas since being in Beech Room at Elmscot. She seems to talk a lot about her friends now and comes home with new songs and rhymes.

Rachel Fleet

George is starting to talk more about his friends at nursery, he seems very settled and happy and he loves forest school at Elmscot.

Victoria West

Our son Theodore has recently started in the Willow room at Elmscot and I just wanted to take the time to let you know that we have been so happy and pleased with the care and attention his key person Holly has given him during the last few weeks. Theodore hasn’t found it easy to settle and has struggled with eating and sleeping but he’s had a really good few days in the last week and we are definitely seeing signs that he is feeling more settled. Holly has been fantastic and it is clear that she genuinely cares about the children. Theodore clearly feels happy and settled around her, which I am sure is down to the way she interacts with him. I have also hugely appreciated the patience and understanding Holly has shown towards me over the last few weeks. She was always understanding when I would call to check on him and in the early days, she took the time to call me unprompted to let me know how he was….something I really appreciated whilst being sat at home worrying about him!

Lauren Plant

My daughter Isabelle has her last day in the Rabbit room today before she moves into Hedgehogs at Woodlands. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone involved in Isabelle’s care since she joined Woodlands in August 2015. Francesca, Katie, Catherine and all the other wonderful workers have made Izzy’s time so pleasurable. As a first time Mum I was very nervous about placing my little lady in nursery care so I could go back to work part time. The team put my mind at rest instantly and Izzy has come on leaps and bounds thanks to the time, care and attention provided. Izzy can count to ten, her vocabulary is excellent and her confidence levels around adults and children is fantastic. Thank you Rabbit Room and thank you Woodlands for everything so far. We are looking forward to Isabelle’s next adventure with Hedgehogs. Izzy will miss you all (even though you are only across the landing) however she has already started to develop a lovely bond with Marina and the wonderful ladies in Hedgehogs so we know that she will continue to thrive in your care. We are forever grateful Lauren Plant

Katharine Dobbs

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the staff who have looked after Rafi and Amina in Hedgehogs at Woodlands since Sept. They’ve had a brilliant time in the room! We have been very impressed with all the staff who have obviously got to know the twins really well in such a short time. It’s been really reassuring knowing they’ve been so well cared for and have had so much fun. I’m sure they’ll love being in Otters just as much.

Emily Edwards

My 3-year old daughter has been attending Hale Day Nursery since she was 11 months old. Her development, confidence and social skills have come on tremendously since attending the nursery and I credit a lot of that to the dedication of the staff & management. She is cared for, stimulated, educated, nurtured, encouraged and exposed to such a wide range of activities every day. The management are very quick to respond to any queries I might have and I do believe they promote high standards of professionalism amongst the staff. The nursery is a fun place to visit and often parents and grandparents are invited in for events, for example Sports Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas Carols etc. I feel that each day is planned for so well for my daughter & she also enjoys a lot of outdoor time in the excellent garden facilities.

Jane Carroll

Hale Day Nursery continues to surprise me when it comes to the food and quality of healthy activities. My son has never been a picky eater but Hale seems to continue to push him to try new foods which are always healthy. The meals are cooked fresh every morning, they smell great!! Lisa, the chef, is clearly dedicated to making sure all of the children have healthy foods including a piece of fresh fruit as soon as they walk through the door in the morning. Daily deliveries of food arrive from very local providers. My son is devastated if we arrive a little early and the fruit hasn’t been delivered yet; he knocks on the kitchen doo asking for some adn Lisa always brings him some as soon as it arrives. The outside activities are also key, always in fresh air, come rain or shine, they learn about growing plants and vegetables, and see where the eggs come from, from the chickens on site. Everything is geared towards healthy activity and sustenance. The team are also very honest; if my son doesn’t eat something or leaves food, they’ll tell me. Overall, I think the quality of food and healthy activities are exceptional.

Anna Lowe

We are so pleased with choosing Hale Day Nursery for our two children. Quite simply the staff and nursery environment are wonderful and we couldn’t be more happy with the level and quality of service.

The food is top notch – tasty and nutritionally sound – we never have to worry about what our children have eaten during the day as we know they will have had good quality meals and snacks, with access to water all day. As well as a fantastic play area allowing the kids to run around and play in a semi-rural setting, the nursery chickens and garden area encourage children to understand the links between food and the world in which they live and especially how food gets onto their plate. In our view, the nursery establishes the essential foundations of a healthy lifestyle in an accessible and fun way.

Anna Sanderson-Leigh

The recent ‘Outstanding’ in all areas Ofsted report demonstrates without a doubt what Hale Day Nursery is fully deserving of. The staff are extraordinary and every aspect of the nursery is exemplary.

Karen Adams

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how wonderful Clair (and all the girls in the baby room at Elmscot) have been in settling Beau into nursery. He seems very happy and the cards and pictures that have been coming home have really helped me adjust to going back to work. The team really goes the extra mile and it doesn’t go unnoticed so I want to pass on my heartfelt thanks to them all.

Gill and Darryl Heaton

The ‘Beech’ team really go out of their way to ensure Seth enjoys his two days a week at Elmscot. Seth runs into nursery, enjoys his day and tells us about what he has been doing when he gets home. Seth (and us) love the range of activities they do and how this encourages his development in so many different areas. In particular Seth’s communication skills are improving enormously and we are delighted to witness his imagination growing. You play a huge part in this and we thank the team for all the planning and attention to detail they must put into each day. We couldn’t be happier that they look after our son.

Helen Walker

I can’t praise the staff in Beech room at Elmscot enough. Every morning we are met with smiles and cuddles and the whole team are happy, upbeat and unflappable. They truly care about every single child, how they interact with them how confident the children are in their care speak volumes. Elodie has a wonderful relationship with Danielle and talks about her at home all the time. Elodie has grown up so much in Beech room – she has potty trained and dropped her nap – and the support and advice of the team have made it a lot easier than it probably should have been! Thank you Beech room, you are a wonderful team!

Adele Bate

We would like to pass on our gratitude and thanks, for the amazing service provided for our 3 children. In the 7 years I can honestly say, we have not had 1 complaint and only have good things to say about Elmscot. We have been extremely impressed with all the staff and will be sad to say goodbye.

Windeler Lyn

Thank you so much for your whole team looking after Matthew so well, I cannot believe how much he enjoys being at nursery (Hale). As you know I had him in a nursery nearer to my home before and moved him so that he was nearer to my work. I am so glad that I made the change because the difference in Matthew is fantastic.