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Catherine Connaughton – Broussa Nursery

Sarah has been Katie’s constant link every day since Katie started… I can’t remember any days when Sarah isn’t there for our drop off and again when we pick Katie up. She’s just wonderful!!! I would also like to send on my thanks to Rebecca also in Rabbits who is the loveliest person and her care and love for the children radiates out of her.

For James in Badgers I cannot sing Emma’s praises highly enough. She has taken him under her wing (along with Ala and Julie of course) and has a natural connection with him. I know he’s been a little more reserved when at nursery and a little shy, but Emma seems to get his confidence up and I can see his little face light up when she is there in the morning – which obviously is the time when he would be a little more reserved and quiet.

Please feel free to pass on my thanks to all the staff but especially those mentioned above as they go out of their way, every single day, to make my 2 little ones feel happy and secure and I trust them and the whole of your nursery, implicitly with my 2 most previous things in the world! They do the most excellent job and deserve every praise!!!



Claire Anderson – Hale Day Nursery

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with how well Theo has been looked after in Rabbit Room. He has come on so much in terms of eating and joining in, in such a short time. It is very clear that his needs are of primary concern and I am very thankful to Becky, Jenny and Rachel for all they do for him. I’m sure there are many other people who are great with him, it’s just these are the people I see looking after him the most.

Max has also settled in and is very happy in Squirrel room. His key worker Charlotte is lovely and I am always confident Nancy is on top of everything!

I just wanted to let you know what a great job your team are doing and what a great team of staff you have.


Lynne Hampton, Elmscot Day Nursery

I just wanted to express my appreciation to all of the team in Oak room.

We were worried at the start of term about how our son would settle and make the transition into the new room as this is something that he has struggled with in the past.

We couldn’t be happier with the care and support that he has received. All of the team have worked so hard to make him feel a very welcome new member of the room. The fact that he already knew 2 of the key workers made a HUGE difference and we are grateful to Elmscot for providing this.

He is loving every second of pre school life and we know that he is developing all of the essential Early skills to support him as he moves towards full time school.

Thanks to everyone involved. We really appreciate all of your support and time.

Hale Day Nursery

I just wanted to say thank you for how sensitively you’ve handled the move from Squirrels to Badgers. The staff in both rooms have done a brilliant job in helping the transition. William isn’t very keen on change (bit like his mum!) but we have had two morning drop offs without any upset – which I really was not expecting! It’s early days, and we are likely to have a little set back due to being away on holiday, but fingers crossed it continues!

Hale Day Nursery

To all the wonderful ladies of Hale,
We can’t thank you enough for all the love, patience & knowledge you have given Bradley over the past 3 ½ years.
He has grown into a gentle, kind, caring, inquisitive and confident little man that we could not be more proud of, and in a large part that is down to all of you that have touched his life. The very lovely Owl ladies have done an amazing job preparing Bradley for ‘Big School’ and we are just in owe of you and what you achieve with the kids and how much of yourselves you give in doing so – not least of all Bradley’s beloved Sophie who he will miss immensely.
Leaving your baby at nursery is a huge leap of faith, you are leaving the most precious part of you with people who are effectively strangers. You can and do, of course, do your homework, reading OFSTED reports, getting recommendations, visiting dozens of nurseries!

However, you never know for definite if your little person will be cared for enough or in the right way. I once heard having kids described as ‘wearing your heart outside your body’ and it is so accurate!
We could not have been more fortunate with the amazing, wonderful, caring people who have looked after Bradley for over the years. Thank you to you all for everything!!
Much love,
Donna & Steve.

Brereton Family Woodlands Day Nursery

Thank you so much for an incredible 4 years and all the valuable time you have ploughed into Faye’s experience. She has enjoyed every minute of her time with you all and I know she will miss you terribly. The relationships she has formed with you ladies have meant the world to all of us and you are an absolute credit to Woodlands. Keep doing what you’re doing, you are literally the dream team!

Devine Family Woodlands Day Nursery

Just a little note to say thank you so much for all of your help and support. Teddy has loved being a hedgehog and has come on so much since being in your room. I also want to say a massive thank you for all of your support with TEDS, Physio and all the additional support that Teddy has needed, Marina you have been a great help and have made things a lot easier for me and Teddy.

Broussa Day Nursery- Rabbits & Sarah Mairs

Hi Broussa Team

A quick note to let you know how happy I have been and how grateful I am for the support and care provided to Fraser during his time in Rabbits. He has been so happy during his nursery time to date which has made my return to work a much easier / enjoyable experience.

I would especially like to share my appreciation towards Fraser’s key worker, Sarah Mairs. Fraser has bonded with Sarah from the start and I have seen this bond develop during his time with Sarah. He has grown and flourished under Sarah’s care and has really come into his own. I have been amazed at Sarah’s commitment – she is always there for drop offs (at 7:30am) and is also there at pickups (around 5:30pm) and is able to tell me all about Fraser’s day.

Not only does Fraser adore Sarah, but Chloe does too and she often talks about Sarah to Fraser and I. It has been great to see how the Rabbit and Owls team have worked together to facilitate Chloe and Fraser spending time together in the nursery setting. This truly has been another stand out feature of Broussa day nursery.

Thank you to Broussa for introducing Fraser, Chloe and I to Sarah, a remarkable member of staff and a credit to the nursery.

Kind regards

Franklin Family- Broussa Day Nursery

I just wanted to say what a fab job Francesca, Nicola and the rest of the team are doing in Jemima’s room (Squirrel Room). The wall displays are fab and engaging, they always keep us up to date with what’s going on and Jemima has settled brilliantly. It’s lovely to see a team work so well together – they clearly enjoy their jobs!

Thanks for all your hard work,


Nicky Baines

We have been delighted to have Amy in the Owl Room at Broussa assigned to be our daughter Imogen’s key worker. Imogen had a tough start to life so has a bit of catching up to do and it has been such a comfort to see her working so well with Amy. She has taken time to really understand Imogen’s interests and has used that to support her in making fantastic progress with her speech and general communication skills. Imogen’s confidence and ability to join in with all the activities in the room is growing thanks to Amy and we are very grateful for all she and the rest of the team do to support Imogen at nursery and help get her prepared for going to school.

Barr/Brooke Family Woodlands Day Nursery

Thank you so much for having looked after my most precious thing for the best part of 3 years. When we moved her at 9 months, we knew this was the place for her- Juliet was happy, always excited to come, learnt new things everyday and develop into a polite, sociable and confident little person. I cannot thank you all enough for this and for being like a second family to her.

Wilding Family Woodlands Day Nursery

To all the wonderful team of people who have worked with my son for the past 3 1/2 years. We can’t thank you enough for helping our little boy grow into a happy confident, happy child. He has loved his time at Woodlands and its given him an excellent start in life.

Elmscot Day Nursery – Dylan Hather

We’re delighted with Dylan’s progress and look forward to him developing further at school. Dylan will miss the friends he made, he has built close relationships.

We’re sure he’ll find new adventures and friendships and look forward to this new and exciting time ahead.

Elmscot Day Nursery – Georgia Bridge

We are pleased with the progress Georgia has made whilst being in the Oak Room, she loves going to nursery and often runs to the room as she is so excited to start her day.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed to Georgia’s progress.

Elmscot Day Nursery – Sophia Borg-Bartolo

Thanks so much for all you are doing in for Sophia in Oak Room, we feel she is really flourishing and becoming increasingly independent.

Dylan Heaton’s Mum & Dad – Elmscot Day Nursery

We are so pleased with the progress Seth has made this year. He loves his time in Oak room and is very enthusiastic about the extra sessions (Stretch’n’Grow/Forest School/Mr Ross) that you plan and facilitate. We feel that all the work you have done has prepared him fully for school, which was compounded by the fact that he ran in freely and excitedly to his ‘taster’ sessions this week. We really are very grateful for this.

Seth will miss you all, as will we!

Thanks again for everything

Darryl & Gill

Maxine Hill – Hale Day Nursery

Please pass on my sincerest thanks to all of the staff at Hale who have taken such fantastic care of Anya over the years and helped to shape the happy, confident girl she has become. Rich and I really  are so very, very grateful.

Lynch Family Woodlands Day Nursery

Thank you very much for the great care you have given to Sam over the last 16 months. We appreciate the time and effort you have given to assist his development and we’re sure he will miss you.

Lizzie & James Meadowcroft – Hale Day Nursery

Thank you so much for making William’s pre-school experience in Owls such a special and memorable one. William has enjoyed every minute of it.

It’s amazing as parents to look back at the 13 month old William that started at Hale Day Nursery and see how much he’s grown. Everyone at Hale has contributed to this and we will not forget you – we’ll be back soon with #2.

Thank you for making us feel part of the Hale family!

Byrne Family Woodlands Day Nursery

Leo has had such a lovely time in your care and we will really miss bringing him here. He has made such good friends with the children and close bonds with the staff we cant thank you enough for how happy we are with the care he has received.
After our eldest went through a different nursery system, we were skeptical about how good a private nursery really could be, but you have excelled our expectations. We always feel like Leos best interest are always taken into consideration and this is why he has enjoyed this time with you so much. Thank You!

Evans Family – Woodlands Day Nursery

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our little boy. He has really grown and developed as a little person whilst being in the Hedgehog Room. We will miss you.

Demetri & Milly Stephani – Elmscot Day Nursery


I just wanted to email you and tell you how impressed Demetri and I were with Lucas’ parents evening last night. Jenny was extremely thorough, helpful and polite. Our appointment was much longer than expected however Jenny was genuinely happy to stay and give more of her time, to ensure that we had been given all the information about Lucas’ achievements. We feel that Lucas has flourished working under Jenny’s wing and also the rest of the team. We are looking forward to another great year once he moves to Oak.

Mum and Dad to Lucas


Nia Moorhouse – Elmscot Day Nursery

Could I take this opportunity to thank everyone at Elmscot for your hard work, support for our whole family – not just the children – and your dedication. I really will miss being part of the Elmscot family which has treated us so well over the last six years.

Nel and Nansi’s Mum

Elmscot Day Nursery

Joanne Whitwell- Maisie and Lauries Mum

I  wanted to say a huge thank you for making the girls so welcome over the years. you really do run a fantastic nursery which is head and shoulders above all others I have ever seen. Your whole team are amazing and we are sorry to leave but it is the next step now at the school nursery.


Hale Day Nursery

“Firstly, me and my wife  would like to say a big thank you to your team. We are very pleased about how well our son settled in the nursery, he simply adores the nursery. We would like to thank all members of the staff and his key worker Leah as well especially for making this possible.

Me and my wife are both doctors working in public service and currently under severe pressure due to increased demand as you may have gathered from press recently. Hence a great child care is very important for us to make our job doable, your expertise with him has helped us make this possible.

I once again like to thank all your staff for your excellent care offered”

(Dr Bala Rajashanker – Hale Day Nursery 3.7.17)


Abi Olowookere – Hale Day Nursery

“ I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big “Thank You” to all the staff that have been involved in her education since she arrived last September. She has grown immensely! Thank you all so very much for all the hard work. She will definitely miss you all.”


Simon – Hale Day Nursery

“Your staff have been absolutely fantastic to Nell and we can’t commend you enough for your efforts in taking care of her from when she started in rabbits to now. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for Nell.”



Helen – Daughter Georgia in Oak Room at Elmscot Day Nursery

Georgia has had a fantastic experience at Elmscot. She has enjoyed every  minute and will miss all the staff. She has progressed  hugely both socially and academically and this is down to  the amazing Elmscot team.

We would recommend Elmscot 100% to any parent . All staff are so  professional and caring.

Thank you to everybody that has contributed to Georgia ‘s  development.

Natalie Hasford

Declan has recently moved into the Hedgehog room at Woodlands and I cannot express my delight with his progress so far. He settled in really well and all the staff are absolutely fantastic! If only you could see him on Tuesday and Wednesday before we set off to nursery, he is eager to get there. Thank you all so much once again for helping him settle in and with his development.