Popular & Unusual Baby Names for 2019

One of the most exciting yet difficult decisions to make before your new arrival comes along is deciding what baby name to choose.

Do you go with a popular name – or maybe more traditional?

Would you like the name to stand out – or name them after your hero?

To help inspire you, here are a few predictions for the most popular baby names of 2019, along with their meanings. We’ve also added a list of unique and unusual baby names, as well as more familiar ones from within the media. 

Popular Girls’ Names

Olivia – from Latin meaning “olive tree”

Sophia – from Greek meaning “wisdom”

Amelia – from Latin meaning “strive”

Lily – from the flower

Popular Boys’ Names

Muhammad – from Arabic meaning “the praised one”

Oliver – from Latin meaning “olive tree”

Noah – from Hebrew meaning “comfort and rest”

Leo – from Greek meaning “lion”

Royal Baby Names

George – from Greek meaning “earth worker”

Arthur – from Celtic meaning “bear”

Louis – from French meaning “famous warrior”

Charlotte – variant of Charles, from German meaning “free man”

Film & Box-set Baby Names

Aria / Arya – from Game of Thrones series

origin from Italian meaning “melody” (Aria)

origin from Sanskrit meaning “noble” (Arya)

Peter – from the Peter Rabbit movie

origin from Greek meaning “rock”

Jemima – from the Peter Rabbit movie

origin from Hebrew meaning “dove”

Elsie / Elsa – from the movie Frozen

origin from Hebrew meaning “God is my oath”

Unusual Baby Names

Arden – from Latin meaning “burning with enthusiasm”

Bay – from the bay tree

Camden / Camdin / Camdyn – from English meaning “winding valley”

Komal – from Hindi meaning “soft and tender”

We hope this has given you a few more ideas for some great baby names – we’re always here to help! If you’d like to find out more about our nurseries or to register for a nursery place, please call us on 0161 980 0003 or email [email protected].