5 Ways to Celebrate St. David’s Day This Weekend

St. David’s Day is an annual celebration of the Patron Saint of Wales. On 1st March each year, those with Welsh heritage or appreciation of Welsh culture take part in a variety of activities. These can include baking traditional Welsh treats, making daffodil crafts and hosting an Eisteddfod (pronounced ‘ay-steth-vod’) – a Welsh festival of the arts.

Here are five ways you can celebrate St David’s Day with your family this weekend:

  1. Make some daffodil crafts

Get creative just like Elmscot Nantwich Day Nursery children and feature the Welsh national flower in some fun art activities, including:

  • Paper daffodils
  • Mini daffodil windmills
  • Collecting daffodils to create flower press cards
  • Daffodil wreaths

Instructions and more great ideas can be found here.


  1. Visit a Welsh castle

Learn about the history of Wales by exploring one of the many amazing castles.

For more information on where to visit and how to get there, click here.


  1. Attend a St. David’s Day festival

There will be a selection of events happening on the day itself and throughout the weekend.

For ideas on where to go and what events are on in North Wales this weekend, click here.


  1. Have leeks for dinner

This delicious vegetable is one of the Welsh national symbols, which can be traced back throughout Welsh history. Use some leeks in your cooking this weekend by making some leek and potato soup or trying a new recipe such as leek quiche.


  1. Bake some Welsh cakes

Why not bake some yummy Welsh cakes and have a traditional Welsh teatime?

The recipe is so simple and it’s a great activity to get children involved in cooking. You can find a Welsh cake recipe here.

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